We know you’re in pain and we’re here to support you...

Young Widows' Support Group Dayton, Ohio

Young Widows' Support Group

We have provided grief support to young widows, ages fifty and younger, in the Greater Dayton Area since 1990.

The death of a husband, at any age, can be an overwhelming loss. We know, however, that the loss for a young widow is different. Issues involving unfulfilled dreams, children, finances, and loneliness just aren’t the same. In addition, a young widow rarely knows other widowed women her age.

Although our circumstances may be different than yours, we have experienced the same hopelessness, despair, and overwhelming sadness, and we want to support you during your grief journey.

We invite you to visit our group. We offer:

  • Emotional support through your time of grieving and loneliness.
  • Hope for a brighter tomorrow, even though that sounds impossible.
  • Friendships with others who can cry, laugh, and heal with you.