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Young Widows' Support Group Dayton, Ohio

About Us

Two women who survived the shattering, painful experience of young widowhood founded the Young Widows’ Support Group for the Greater Dayton area in 1990. 

Nancy Roberson was 27 years old when her late husband, David Phillips, died at the age of 28. Although David suffered from Hodgkin’s disease, Nancy and David were hopeful for his full recovery and weren’t prepared for his unexpected death as a result of chemotherapy complications. Suddenly Nancy was no longer with her spouse of six years and found herself not only a young widow but also the single parent of her two-year-old daughter, Amy.

Pam Walker was 31 years old when her late husband of twelve years, Don Berg, died suddenly at the young age of 34 when a drunk driver hit his car.  Don, who was driving, and Don and Pam’s good friends in the back seat were killed instantly.  Pam miraculously survived the crash but became a young widow and the single mother of her five-month old son, Ryan.

Both Pam and Nancy experienced loneliness and isolation in addition to their devastating grief because they didn’t know any other young widows, and there were no support groups for young widows at that time.  Even though friends and family members came alongside both of them, no one could really relate to the unique grief needs that Pam and Nancy were experiencing at their young ages.

Both women eventually married again, and other young widows began to seek Pam and Nancy’s advice and comfort after learning of their past tragedies. Eventually Pam and Nancy met, discovered their common experiences as former young widows, and established the Young Widows' Support Group to encourage young widows in the Greater Dayton community.

Nancy and Pam still co-lead the group and consider doing so a God-given privilege and blessing.