We know you’re in pain and we’re here to support you...

Young Widows' Support Group Dayton, Ohio


Hundreds of young widows have received encouragement and support over the years. We’re here to provide that same strength and hope to you.


“This group did wonders for me. It provided me support so that I could get back on my feet and take care of myself.”  Theresa, age 24

“This has been a real Godsend to me…to find other women in my same situation. I thought I was the only one.”  Carolyn, age 43

“Because I’m a very private person, I was hesitant to sit before a group of strangers and reveal my personal life. However, I was able to interact without an invasion of my own privacy.”  Andrea, age 29

“The warmth of the group helped me in my time of need. Someone was ready to reach out, to listen to me and to let me cry. We’re all here to comfort and to minister to each other.”  Karen, age 44